Our Bishop’s Committee

Each month, our Bishop’s Committee meets to make resource St. Bede’s for ministry. We break Bread together, pray for guidance by the Holy Spirit, and steward God’s gifts.

Our Wardens

Our wardens help govern our church by listening to our members and the community. They also assist the Vicar (priest) in leadership of the Bishop’s Committee.

Our Senior Warden

 Margo Spence

Margo was chosen by the Bishop’s Committee to assist the Vicar in administration and leadership of the church.

Our Building and Grounds Minister (Junior Warden)

Richard Dykstra

Richard was chosen by the Bishop’s Committee to help us care for our Building and Grounds. 

Our Clerk

Karen Bathgate

The Clerk helps St. Bede’s maintain records of its decisions at Bishop’s Committee Meetings and at its Annual Meeting.

Our At-Large Bishop’s Committee Members

Judy Wilkin

Jessica Proud

Fran Valley

Judy Drummond

Katie Thomassen


Appointed Ministers


Joe McGuire

As Treasurer, Joe records information about our church’s finances and makes reports to the Bishop’s Committee so we can make wise decisions about our resources.

Contributions Secretary

Linda Varda

Linda records offerings made to the church during our annual pledge campaign.  She ensures all offerings are correctly credited each week, and provides the annual IRS tax letter.  If you have questions about making a pledge or an existing pledge, or any other contributions, you can contact her by email.