New to St Bede’s?

What to Expect from St Bede’s

Diocese of Olympia, The Episcopal Church in Western Washington

St Bede’s is a liturgical church, which means we think the way we Christians pray is very important. The parts of the service may look and sound like Catholic or Lutheran Communion services.

St Bede’s is an Anglican/Episcopal Church, which means our way of praying and thinking about our relationship with God is shaped by the history and traditions of the Church of England and our sister churches around the world.

St Bede’s is community of believers who participate together. You should expect to participate in worship by singing, responding to prayers along with the printed bulletin, and even to say hello or pass the peace with folks who are worshiping next to you.

St Bede’s welcomes folks curious about Jesus, the Creator God and the community bound together by the Holy Spirit whatever their age, politics, class, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. We bring the best parts of who we are to our spiritual journey together.

Sunday Morning

  • Dress comfortably: Some folks at Bede’s dress up, some dress casually. Both are just fine. We want you to feel comfortable and welcome as you are.
  • Use the Bulletin: You can find an example here. While a majority of our prayers come from the Book of Common Prayer 1979, we print bulletins for ease of use and so that you will not have to juggle books.
  • Physical needs: If you have mobility concerns, need a cushion, and/or require a gluten free Communion wafer we are happy to help! Let an usher or greeter know before you are seated.
  • Kids: Kids of all ages are welcome in church during the regular service.  Noise and wiggling are normal (for kids and grownups alike!). We also host Godly Play downstairs or include a children’s homily upstairs so kids can hear the Good News.
  • Stuff that’s not in the bulletin: Because our worship is traditionally liturgical, there are little things folks do (cross themselves, bow, say certain prayers) that aren’t printed in the bulletin. We will do our best to explain what it is we are doing, and if you notice something we haven’t explained; please feel free to ask!
  • Coffee Hour: We really like being together and being with you. You are invited to Coffee Hour after church for refreshments and time to check in with members of the community or ask questions.
  • Communion: We celebrate Eucharist weekly. The teachings of the Episcopal Church suggest that all baptized Christians are welcome to receive Communion.