Who we are

In the love of Jesus Christ, St Bede joyfully welcomes and seeks to nurture spirituality in all.

We are a mission church of the Episcopal Church‘s Diocese of Olympia.

We believe that we are called by name to ministries in the world and in God’s church. We also believe that vibrant ministry happens when our priest,  staff and elected leaders work together to discern how to serve God and our neighbors as the gathered Body of Christ.

Many of us were not raised as Episcopalians or Christians. Some were born in other countries. Our ages vary from less than 1 to over 90. Some of us are democrats, republicans, things in between and further out. Some of us have advanced degrees and some of us work with our hands. We are single, married, divorced and widowed. We have different physical and mental abilities. Whoever we are, we bring the best parts of ourselves to our worship of Jesus Christ and service to the wider Port Orchard community.